About Us

Jecha Networks, Inc. is a management and technology consultancy that works with aspiring entrepreneurs, groups, small businesses to turn their ideas into a new product or service, then build a business around it.

Mahdi Chambers

Founder & President

Our Story

Jecha Networks, is offering this Virtual 12-week Master Class to create more Black Entrepreneurs in emerging, scalable technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, 5G, etc. The name of the class is “Turn Your Idea into a Business” and will empower those with technology ideas to develop their products or services and build a business around it.

Emerging technologies such as AI and robotics automation represent new entrepreneurial opportunities, however, they also represent a threat to Black and Latinx communities. Algorithms being developed for AI incorporate racial and sexist bias, due to the lack of Black and Latinx participation in the development of these algorithms. Black Entrepreneurs need to be an integral part of this next wave of innovation.


Our program covers critical phases of business development such as concept definition, target market identification, product and service definition/development, financial management and analysis, release and launch planning, and Beta trials with customers. 


Our program includes a dynamic mentoring and coaching program, one-on-one and group consultations, and a Mastermind group to encourage problem-solving and collaboration. We conclude with an Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge for monetary awards based on input from a panel of judges.